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About the Art Gallery in Langley


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The Art Gallery in Langley, Floyd County, Kentucky is a non-profit educational organization which promotes the visual arts and art appreciation. We provide live teaching sessions, gallery shows of local artists' work, and regular Sunday afternoon openings. The Director, Duna Verich Combs of Langley continues her life-long passion for teaching and creating art here in her live studio gallery. She is a master of watercolor painting, aka aquarelle. All proceeds help with the expenses of the gallery.

The Gallery occupies what was once the Combs Engineering Office of two brothers who were civil & coal mining engineers and land surveyors, namely, Townsel Allen Combs and Thomas Spencer Combs. After that, it became the family home of Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Combs and their five children, for about 50 years. It was and still is a space where art and engineering co-mingle through the display of remnants from careers in engineering, land surveying, cartography, fine art, architecture, machines, electronics and ceramic arts.

Services and Information:

  • Visit the Art Gallery in Langley, Sundays, 1-4pm, or during bi-annual Gallery Shows
  • See the growing inventory of original paintings by DV Combs for sale, no reproductions!
  • Transform your favorite photo into an heirloom painting by DV Combs
  • Consult with DV Combs aboubuying original art and framing it
  • Request Mat Cutting and Framing Services and Supplies
  • Contact us to inquire about Classes, Shows, Services or Sales, Ceramics, Land Surveying, etc.
  •  A Custodian lives on site full time

 Family Portrait                                                  DV Combs 1976

The Art Gallery in Langley website is dedicated to Duna V Combs and her beloved husband, Townsel Allen Combs (8/15/1916 - 11/21/2012), a father of five that he adored; all blessed to call him Dad, and to call Duna Mom.

Talents come from God, and get passed down through heritage. Duna Verich Combs' ancestors included artists, chefs , sculptors, war heroes. Both her parents were immigrants; an Italian mother and a Serbian father. They worked hard in northern Wisconsin, where they raised five "keets" running a pub, restaurant, and lived above it. Duna is the penultimate of five seen in the picture at right; she's seen on the far right. In higher education, Duna pursued the fine arts in both undergrad at St Theresa in Winona, MN, transferred to Miami U of Ohio for her BS Art Education. While raising five children, she pursued her Masters in Art Education at Morehead State University, Morehead, Kentucky.

Townsel Allen Combs' ancestors are from England, the first to arrive in Jamestown was John Combs in 1619 and then in 1624 came Austen Combs. Townsel, or TA, often reminded us of the work ethic he inherited, often saying "Many Hands Make Light the Work!" and "Grab a Root and Growl"! His father handed down such sayings that reflected the attitudes needed to settle and survive in the rugged mountains of Appalachia, clearing trees from the land, to make cabins, barns and firewood, and clearing open fields for livestock and agriculture. The emblem on the right, from an English-made tractor, echoes the same work ethic needed to survive.

TA worked as a land surveyor, cartographer and civil engineer. TA, like his father Townsel Combs, and grandfather Spencer Combs, also measured & marked-off towns, roads & tracts of land and wrote deed descriptions, and drew land survey maps to make legal recordings of land ownership at the Register of Deeds. He went to Berea Academy in Kentucky, then to University in Eugene, Oregon. TA was also very proud to have fought for America's freedom as a WWII Navy Sea Bee in the South Pacific, in Fiji and Peleliu chanting the motto: "We Build! We Fight!"